ACMA shuts off additional illegal offshore gambling websites

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After issuing a warning for the online gaming provider, Proxous, for providing iGaming products to illegal online casinos, Australian Communications and Media (ACMA) goes one step further with its fight against illegal gaming in Australia by requesting that Australian internet service providers (ISPs) block new additional illegal offshore gambling websites. The sites are titled, Cloudbet, and Las Atlantis.

Illegal online gambling in Australia:

The inspection by the ACMA discovered  these sites to be working in breach of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Each of these offshore providers use Realtime Gaming Software to provide illegal offshore internet gambling services to players in Australia. Previous inspection by the watchdog have decided that services like this are illegal in the country.

ACMA is a real fighter for the legal gambling and thanks to them blocking the illegal offshore sites achieved its growth and is now a leading range of enforcement option to protect Australian regulated gambling market from illegal offshore online gambling.

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Implementing rules for the better:

The regulator has been implementing the online gambling rules associated to illegal offshore gambling sites, their joined websites and their services since 2017 and during that time over 170 suppliers have removed themselves from the country. However, after formulating its first blocking request in November 2019, 619 illegal offshore gambling sites and their subordinates have been shut off and removed from Australian regulated gambling market.

ACMA’s main goal is to help the customers and share its knowledge with them about illegal offshore internet gambling. The regulator wants them to know that even if online gambling site looks legitimate, it is important that the supplier is licensed to provide its services, meaning illegal offshore gambling sites will take its customers money by offering services without license.

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Players can make use of the register provided by the ACMA to investigate by themselves if an operator is endorsed to offer its service. Doing that, players can make sure they are accessing online gambling world through legal, authorized providers. Additionally, ACMA is offering information on its website on how to protect yourself from illegal gambling suppliers and how to make a complaint against illegal offshore website that is offering its services in Australia without license.

Australian Communications and Media (ACMA) regulator is an independent authority for the Commonwealth statutory. Its main task is to regulate communications, media services, and markets in Australia.

ACMA’s power to license people, organizations and products to work in Australia gave it the necessary strength to fight against the illegal online offshore gambling sites.

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